Jun 3, 2009

Why no, why now

saying No has always been important, but perhaps never as essential a skill as it's today.
in the course my life, I've had privilege to travel the world extensively, visiting lots of varsities and families in dozen of societies and speaking with many thousands of people. wherever I go, I see people under increasing levels of stress and pressure. I meet lecturers and professionals who are being burned out by overwork. I see people struggling to juggle study and work, with a particularly heavy burden on women who work outside the home. I encounter parents who find little quality time to spend with their children, and I find children overloaded with homework and lessons, with less and less time for carefree play. Everywhere people are overloaded and overhelmed.

but thanks to the knowledge revolution, we've more information and more choices than ever before. but we also have more decisions to make and less time to make them as the pace of life picks up greater speed with each called labor saving technological advance like I was read in the book by william ury.

the boundaries between home and the workplace are eroding as work reaches people by cell phone and email, anywhere anytime.hahaha. the rules are also eroding and the temptation to cut corners and bent ethical standards is powerful. evrywhere people are finding it hard to set and maintain boundaries.

No is today's biggest challenge.

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