Jun 17, 2009

What a political?

huh! *sigh*
what's going on now?
what will you do? fight for your right?
hahaha! I'm just have fun, hang out with my friends, talk a lot, eat, sleep and bla bla bla.

nothing will change with it. what I trying to say is, years before I have seat front the television at 0800 pm watching Bulletin Utama. now, when the time is on it, I'm just doing nothing. it doesn't mean I'm doing nothing at all. read a book, novel, magazine. newspaper or eating.

for what reason?
it's so easy. the years past when I watching news on tv, there are lots of issues and knowledge.
it is only the same. politics issues, politics problem and politics everywhere which made me drowsy about it. I do interested to know about our political but will it have the end!?

when I hanged out with my friend and have talk about this, one of them said that changing the topic will good for us because he had bored about that. I always know that he is also like me, a politics lover.huu :p
he said that if we always talk about it there is no ending. I'm 100% agreed! now we know that the ex-mb of perak had joined the parliament and know what he'd done. banded his head with a scarf wrote there "hidup rakyat". what he trying to show? that is not of our style. just enough with it. sudah dapat masuk parlimen nak buat kecoh! dapat apa?
now you've been baned. good for you! it'll be no ending right!? same to the opposite side. you talk much about the students, much about how to help the poor and much bla bla bla. till nowadays, do the poor terminated in our motherland? what I think this is the time to berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah with us. show what the Malays got to them.

for now, when I'm not going to watch Buletin Utama or Berita tv1 or whatever. CNN is more better than them. what a political it is...*sigh*


  1. yeah..agree wif u fiqi..
    hahah..i saw dat tyme i nk bli burger..haha..i dragged a chair and i wuz da one who sat in front of the tv at dat shop..haha..
    and you know..people there wus just like.....
    ahaha...yup..he deserved it...b grateful la..at least we let him to b there..tbe2 buat hal plak..eyot..poyo..toye..these words suits him very well and those stupid konco2..kan??
    i xske nk ckp but..i just..huh..shameful men..people outside who's voting for u..then ur attitude wus like the one who never went to school...aish...

  2. huu betul betul...
    lg pun, he's not act true malay...
    nak semangat melayu lebih apa pasal?