Jun 22, 2009

Are you too shy?

If you answer "yes" to five of more of these staements, I say, shyness is like causing you problems. Lets try.

* it's hard for me to stop and talk to a neighbo I don't know well.
* I'm uncomfortable being introduced to a new person.
* it's difficult for me to ask a question during a lecture.
* I hate being the center of attention in a group.
* I find it hard to have someone I don't know well over for dinner.
* it's difficult for me to ask for directions.
* I worry about embarrassing myself if I speak up in a social situation.
* it's difficult for me to speak to someone in authority.
* making a telephone call to someone I don't know is hard.
* when I'm speaking to someone I don't know well, it's difficult to talk about my opinion and feelings.
* if I'm at a social event, I try always to stay close to someone I know.
* it's hard for me to join in a conversation.

Shy people must begin to realize their thoughts are just guesses. Hafizah, for example, might assume a fellow student didn't like her just because he didn't respond when she said hello to him in an elevator. This kind of unsubstantiated thinking she challenged during therapy. Now, Hafizah figures the student didn't hear her, was rude or was shy himself. Think about it.

*the real hafizah is not like that. huu :p lalalalala.

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