Jun 2, 2009

The King and The Queen

like hafizah said, final sign for the game btw ssp SCUD and stf DYNAMYTES made a different feelings of some people.
some people crying because they're happy and some people crying because they sad.

there must be a loser and a winner.

congrats to sms kuching and ssp SCUD.
you're the king and the queen.
nevermind sdar REDWINGS and stf DINAMYTES. today, it's not yours.

to my players of sms selangor. enjoy the moment.
the juniors, training hard. get to improve.

also to my players of sms kuala kelasngor FALCONS & SERPENTS.
watch how they play, how they shoot, how they connect to each other and how to have a beautiful basketball.
see you guys next time.

goodbye HKSBP 2009, welcome please HKSBP 2010. see you in sms pasir puteh.


  1. wahhaa..scipp next year???school sweet school..ngehngeh!

  2. either you're in hols or not tou must be there for the time coming.hahaha.

  3. hello,do sponsor me flight tix then...will u?

  4. hehehe.don't have spirit eh?hehehe.come on.hahaha.dare to come next year?

  5. aku ingat sape la king n queen nie

  6. hahaha.
    lain kali bc betul betul kemudian fahami.huuu