Jun 18, 2009

Not so hot dogs!

it's look delious isn't it. nak nak nak! best laa!

it's just random stuff. when I went to a burger stall, there are some people coming and ordered hot dogs.

now, I have a bad news for the lovers of luncheon meats, sausages or hot dogs. did you know that the scientist at the University of Hawaii studied 190,545 people and found that heavy consumption of processed meat raised the risk of pancreatic cancer by whopping 67%. is it true? yes it is because the carcinogens seem somehow to be introduced in the processing, as distinct from the meat itself. also for the non-muslims, what I know frm my reading, a diet rich in pork and red meat also raises the risk by 50%.

what are you going to do? how many hot dogs, sausages or luncheon meats were in your stomach? lalala. aiyo! I think it must be tons. hahaha!

*lalala. mari adik mari abg! hot dog murah!selonggok rm3!huu :p


  1. good good!
    keep away frm hot dog!
    mkn makanan berkhasiat oh! :D