Apr 23, 2009


Each individual has his or her own way to study effectively. Many people think that students at University do not need to attend class and study alone at home in stead. In some extent, studying textbooks cannot be compared with studying at class. I disagree with the view of point that university students should not attend class because they can study well at home.

the biggest advantages participates in class :-

- students can avoid difficulties and complication in approaching new studies of knowledge.
- save lots of time and energy if they attend class instead of gaining knowledge from textbook and other materials.
- they will learn how to discipline and routines theirselves. It helps you to live in strictness and principle, which is an important preparation before getting a career in this industrial life.
- by sitting at home and becoming a bookworm, you will never have more friends and close relationship.

Do not fucking me if you want to be a bookworm. i'm fuck you back! Attending class does not stop at friendship but it contributes a lot the relationship between teachers and students.

Mostly, Malaysian student are having this habit. Come on! Wake up! It's not too late to realize ourselves.


If you would like to know the way to get over somebody you adore, you need to notice that not one of the answers are straightforward ones. Regardless of how prepared you could think you are to move on and get over that person, that you should ask a way to do it at all shows that it should be an agonizing process. Infrequently it is a slow process, too. You might think you are over someone and a year or two later be reminded of that person and feel all of the discomfort and unhappiness again. That doesn't suggest you are not over the person, though .

Perhaps even for the remainder of your life. But that doesn't suggest the unhappiness needs to be paralyzing or has to throw you into a depression. By getting over the person, you can realize that losing them made you unhappy, and look back on it as you would any unhappy loss. It is the period of time shortly after the loss that should be the toughest, that makes you ask how to get over somebody you like.

If the break up is new, frequently the sole way to cope with it is simply to face the pain and ride it out. But there are some things you can do to reduce the agony. Photos of them can be put away for a bit. Gifts they gave you can be stored rather than displayed. You can even duck the places you used to go together for a bit. This tip can be discovered in just about each list that explains a way to get over somebody you like, so it's at least a well-liked idea that is worth a try.

If you're really having trouble living your life after the break-up, it might be necessary to seek counseling.

Your friends and family might feel they know your situation too well. With a counselor, though, you can safely tell them things about the relationship you probably don't want friends or family to even know.

If the advisor feels you are spending too much time dwelling on how to get over somebody you adore, they will tell you.

Another option is to try to get your ex boyfriend back. There are some very good courses avaiable that teach you how it's possible for you to get a man back if he broke up with you. Naturally that option is not necessarily sensible, as the breakup had a reason. But if you are sure the two of you belong together, this might be an option worth looking into.


terfikir olehku
saatku merenung
melombongkan benci
tanam dihatiku

kau bisa menyaing
seperti layaran
yang menyintai
seorang wanita

ternyata aku cinta
dan ku takut kehilangan
dirimu yang kukasihi
ternyata kau pun menyintai
aku lebih dari igau sebelumku

kau yg pertama dihatiku
hanya engkau
walau bukanlah kau yg pertama
yang pernah singgah dihatiku
namun ku mahu dan kau ku mahu

bukan aku tulis untuk diriku mahupun sesiapa, tidak pasti untuk siapa aku tulis. aku hanya menulis untuk kepuasan hati, untuk mengeluarkan fikiran yg ada dalam fikiran aku. bukan berjiwa romantis ataupun pertiwis. terpulang kepada kamu yg membaca. mungkin ianya sebahagian memberi makna untuk kamu. bagiku, meluahkan apa yg tersirat untuk menjadi yg tersurat adalah senang. tetapi apa untuk menjadikan yg tersurat kepada yg tersirat adalah sukar. siapa yg tidak pernah menyintai siapa. tanyalah pada hatimu. hidup seorang seperti aku lebih adil bagi aku. bukan maksud aku untuk "berjiwang". tidak salah. percaya pada diri. walaupun seangkuh mana seseorang itu. sedikit dihatinya mungkin ada perasaan sayang atau cinta. aku tidak tujukan tulisan aku ini pada sesiapa atau mungkin siapa. hanya untuk mereka yg sedang dilamun cinta. sayangilah cinta kamu seadanya. sabar...ikhlas...jangan lupa pada-Nya.

Apr 22, 2009


ku tutup mataku
dari semua pandanganku
bila melihat matamu
kuyakin ada cinta ketulusan hati

yang mengalir lembut
penguasa alam
tolonglah pegangi aku
biar ku tak jatuh

pada sumur dosa yang terkutuk
dan menyesatkan cintaku
andaikan ku bisa
lebih adil pada cinta kau dan dia

aku bukan nabi yang bisa sempurna
ku tak luput dari dosa
biarlah ku hidup seperti ini
takdir cinta harus begini

ada kau dan dia bukan ku yang mau
oh tuhan tuntunlah hatiku

Apr 21, 2009


it's our weekend with ummi.

one word to define : superb!

Apr 17, 2009


it's was a bad day...
what's happen to me...? i don't know act. but it'll teach me how to be a highflyer.
i feel very sick today. my shoulders, my arms feel very bad...
i was thinking because i push my body yesterday...
i tussle with my dumble...
push up... sit up...
it's horrible...
damn it!

Apr 16, 2009


perfect day. it was my second day i training my shooting. today i'm feel very glad coz my knee is getting better than before. lots of shooting i've done. defense. it's getting perfect. do some homework drills. push up, sit up and some more. today result is here :-

free throw : (attempt 25, basket in 21)
3 point : (attempt 15, basket in 12)

tomorrow, 5 round for 400 metres track in 10 minutes...insyaAllah...

Apr 14, 2009


what a nice day. i'm went to court. having fun with my HURRICANES mates. i called it training session for me coz of we act not to play hard but we just play some ball. check our shooting, basic under basket, crossover and so on. it's a good news! welcome back my shooting. hahaha. it was amazing after i didn't play for 3 month coz got knee injury. welcome back the old shaggy the legend. hahaha. siapa dia ini masuk bakul angkat sendiri? hahaha no! it was amazing! hahaha.

they said, "yes! shaggy was come back"



this is his journey until nowadays.
his name is shafiq.

2001 - he play basketball with the chinese members.
2002 - Star Ipoh ALLSTARS (spritzer cup)
2003 - Star Ipoh ALLSTARS (hksbp north & spritzer cup)
2004 - Star Ipoh ALLSTARS (hksbp national & spritzer cup)
2005 - Star Ipoh ALLSTARS (hksbp north & spritzer cup)
2006 - Star Ipoh ALLSTARS (hksbp national & spritzer cup)
2007 - Staroba HIGH COUNCIL (spritzer cup)
2008 - Cheras Raves (MB Cup & BCBL)
2009 - Keramat HURRICANES (NCBL)
Staroba HIGH COUNCIL (Spritzer Cup)

Apr 13, 2009


i have identified ideal my ideal tme slot for eating and exercising. here it is :-

7-8am eat breakfast
hehehe. i know you guys didn't get up early in the morning. right? it's best to eat after some light early. then do some stretching. join me. i jog around my place at least half an hour.

10am have a snack
i tell u guys. i've read in a book stated that the body uses 20% of the brain's available glucose by around this time. so, eat some low-at carbohydrate snack. i mean like banana, sports energy bar & etc. our body is needed to top up levels.

1pm having lunch
i bet you guys feel like you are nearly in heaven at this time. sleepy, tired and low energy. yeah! it's true. the energy levels are naturally running low at this time. leave lunch any later and you are more likely to consume more kilojoules.

2-3pm snack again
glucose levels plumment in a post-lunch dip. so, if you want handle up this, have some cashew nuts, plain popcorn or fresh fruits to bring you back on the right track.

4-6pm workout=basketball or etc
let have some ball. like me, i love to play basketball. if you didn't love basketball like me, do other fitness.

7-11pm evening meal & bedtime snack
after this time, i tend to need more food to feel full. eating now also allows time for food to be fully digested before crash your bed.hahaha.
at night, choose a somesnack which contain amino acid tryptophan because it's a precursor to a good night's sleep and dream about your bla bla bla...zzzZZZZzZzzzz...
hahaha~lets try...


Apr 9, 2009


mengenang kembali waktu itu. seorang insan yg penuh dengan kesabarannya. insan yg penuh dengan nasib yg duka. lelaki yg hanya dipandang bukan dari hati. mengapa terjadi?

mengenang waktu itu. menceritakan seribu erti. kesetiaan pada cinta. yg sekarang hanya tahu apa itu erti keseorangan.

satu kisah, bersama teman sedang berjalan, di depan satu kedai mewah. kelibat seperti seorang yg pernah aku kenal dan aku syg. rupa-rupanya berpimpin tgn dgn teman lelaki lain. adakah insan yg bernama lelaki itu kecewa.


kerana dia lihat apa yg terjadi.

mungkin ini yg dikatakan takdir.
sejarah cinta dan hidupnya. hanya penuh duri dan banyak ranjau.

apa yg ada sekarang. hanya sepi tanpa kata.
dia tidak tahu. mungkinkah jalan terbaik bagi dirinya bersendirian sebegini.
sehingga apa yg dia rasa tercapai. kesetiaan adalah jalan terbaik. ikhlas adalah hati budi yg dihormati. sabar adalah yg diperlukan.biarlah hanya dengan ini dia dapat teruskan perjalanan. apa yg dia rasa hanyalah keperitan dan penderitaan. sabar wahai rakan.sabar...

apa yg dia perlukan...

mencari kebenaran di mana dirinya sekarang...

tuntut ilmu dahulu, biarkan ianya tinggal sejarah...
selamat tinggal utk bersama...

selamat datang soledad...
iaitu kesepian...

sehingga suatu hari nanti...


Apr 7, 2009


Players Name :

1. Hairil "Haiwei"
2. Hafiz "Apek"
3. Shafiq "Shaggy"
4. Amril "Pova"
5. Amin "James"
6. Ifwat "Fish"
7. Azman "Bob"
8. Irfan "Lipan"
9. Yusri "Bull"
10.Faizal "Cool"
11.Fazrin "Badin"
12.Hamimi "Memo"
13.Azhar "Jhar"
14.Insaf "Abg11"
15.Hasif "Sagat"

semoga kita semua berjaya mengharungi NC basketball league this year. doakan kejayaan kami wahai sahabat handai. amin...

p/s : sesiapa yg berminat atau bermain bola keranjang tidak kira lelaki atau perempuan. please, you are invited to join our Facebook Group : Kajang Hurricanes Basketball Club


Beberapa kekecohan juga dilaporkan berlaku semalam hingga menghangatkan suasana, tetapi polis memberi jaminan keselamatan di tiga kawasan pilihan raya kecil itu terjamin tanpa sebarang insiden serius yang boleh menjejaskan proses demokrasi.-berita harian online-

Dalam pada itu, Barisan Nasional (BN) mula memasang pemidang dan banting baru yang membawa slogan `Kepimpinan berwibawa, rakyat terbela' serta `Pembaharuan untuk kebaikan' - tambahan terhadap slogan sedia ada, iaitu `Mohon Restu Rakyat' serta 'Satu Impian, Satu Malaysia, Pilih BN'.-berita harian online-

Pas pula menambah bendera dan pemidang lambang parti itu di beberapa tempat strategik dengan menggunakan slogan `Kekalkan Kemenangan Untuk Rakyat.'-berita harian online-

hahaha. berkempenlah selagi mana boleh. sampai masa nnt jgn malu pulak bila bil-bil poster, banner & so on tak terbayar. kempen bagai nak sambut hari kebesaran padahal time hari-hari kebesaran tak pula mcm ini.
ingat org melayu, jgn mudah lupa. apa yg anda lihat hanya mainan dunia. sampaikan dalan ceramah pun selitkan ayat-ayat Al-Quran. tapi kalau hanya setakat utk berkempen apa yg anda dapat? pahala? yg diwajibkan tak terbuat. pangkat yg digila-gilakan.

apalah sgt pangkat di dunia.
semua manusia sama sahaja. pangkat yg diberi ade sebagai khalifah Allah di muka bumi. betul apa comment yg diberikan oleh mufti Perak.

kalau asyik dgn politik, sampai bila rakyat nak maju?

rakyat hanya tahu menyokong. apa yg anda dapat sekalian rakyat? anda mahukan kesenangan bukan? berusahalah. bukan salah kita berpolitik. tetapi cara kita berpolitik. malu dibuatnya.

fikirlah. jangan salahkan sesiapa. salahkan diri anda masing-masing. kalau setakat hangat masa berkempen tetapi masa mengundi. bgn pun tidak. masa berkempen si anak muda ligat memasang bendera, poster & sebagainya sehingga lewat mlm dan mungkin ada yg tidak balik rumah. kerana apa? D.U.I.T. tetapi masa mengundi? T.I.D.U.R. umur sudah mencapai 21 tahun, tanggungjawab? hampeh!

mungkin suatu hari nnt saya sendiri atau anda menjadi ahli politik.

tetapi bukan dgn cara ini.

cara kita sendiri.

bercakap bukan senang, tetapi kita buktikan.

jadi, buat masa sekarang. kita tak perlu masuk campur. bagi umur seperti sy. kita lihat dan tafsir apa kebaikan dan keburukan. setahun lg umur kita 21, kita jalankan tanggungjawab. laungkan apa yg anda mahukan.
apa kita harus tumpukan?

cinta? 50%...

belajar dari semua aspek. kebaikan & keburukan.

jadi, mari belajar!



If only you could see the tears in the world you left behind
If only you could heal my heart just one more time
Even when I close my eyes
There's an image of your face
And once again I come to realise
You're a loss I can't replace

It's a keeping for the lonely
Since the day that you were gone
Why did you leave me
In my heart you were the only
And your memory lives on
Why did you leave me

Walking down the streets of Nothingville
Where our love was young and free
Can't believe just what an empty place
It has come to be
I would give my life away
If it could only be the same
Cause I can't still the voice inside of me
That is calling out your name

It's a keeping for the lonely
Since the day that you were gone
Why did you leave me
In my heart you were the only
And your memory lives on
Why did you leave me

Time will never change the things you told me
After all we're meant to be love will bring us back to you and me
If only you could see

It's a keeping for the lonely
Since the day that you were gone
Why did you leave me
In my heart you were the only
And your memory live on
Why did you leave me

Apr 6, 2009


ring ring ring.
siapa telefon aku nie?

aduyai. habislah. bondaku yg telefon.

pesanan beliau. balik + bawak kereta + mahu ganti yg baru. byk duit?
hahaha. dari proton saga yg lama beliau inginkan yg baru.
aku sygkan kereta yg antik itu.
tp bondaku lebih penting dari kereta.
kereta baruku.
saga blm pon ok lah.tp kalau mini cooper classic yg aku impikan itu...?

tidak! impianku musnah. tapi dapat kereta baru. sebelum tinggal kereta antik tersebut. peluk habis.
nnt kereta baru smp. cium-mium. hahaha.

hello adik-adik manis. mahu tumpang?
hahaha. kemana saja mahu pergi. aku tunggang blm aku itu. jom menunggang!



selepas sahaja friendly match anak-anak buah aku dengan semesti, aku bersama-sama asip, ifwat, efy & man berganjak menuju ke destinasi pelancongan.

damn nice! lumut!

jaffafa, hahaha, berjalan di pinggiran pantai, meredah ombak-ombak, mengejar penyu yg cuba ingin mendarat ke pelabuhan, tp syg beliau terpaksa beralih arah kerana ternampak beberapa gergasi yg bergelar gigolo-gigolo kacak bersama seorang princess.

keberangkatan pulang ke campus tepat jam 0130 pagi. driving meter (80km/hour). hahaha lembap sungguh.


Apr 5, 2009

instinct.II.low.NBA.chicago bulls.for.me.

Name : Instinct II Low NBA Chicago Bulls
Date of Bought: 2009,April 4
Venue : Adidas Outlet, Summit USJ
Price : RM 130.50

Adidas has been consistent with releasing NBA inspired models based after team’s colors and logos. Here’s a look a trio of Instinct II Lows that have been modeled after the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and the Phoenix Suns. Each shoe represents the their teams respectively and is an updated version of the past series of NBA themed sneakers released.



Basketball as you see it, know it, feel it and live it everyday. From real stories that exist and continue

Players worldwide have one thing in common and it competitive drive that carries you life. The actions and moves you make leads you to a path originating from the game you love so much, Basketball.

From youth, teenagers, collegiates and professionals share the same dream. Basketball Is Life.

Basketball is a brotherhood.

Apr 1, 2009



they bring their pride.

they have their intensity.

they made their teamwork.

their burn up their energy.

their have one passion.

they hustle their game.

whatever it is. they will show how they can flow on theirselves.

soon is your game, not my game little bro.

show what you get.

i'm just only your coach and only teach you how to make a game named basketball.

peace out~