May 30, 2009

What does they thinking?

I just wondering that time is not important to some people.because of what?

just imagine that you're in a team of whatever sports you've join.
sometimes, some of your mates are waitig you and the others are having fun and coming late to training.what do they think about it?

nowadays, i believe that time is very important because if you are running of the time, no can do with it.

so, just believe that time is like what you love about.

May 29, 2009

Never say no!

as a college student, I found the stories of people featured in "Yes, I Can" very inspirational.

life is definitely full of challenges that can make or break you. that's why we should all have "never give up" attitudes. I hope to read more stories like this one to motivates us youth to be fighters and not losers.


in 2008, my lecturer saw me sitting together in library with my friend worrying about passing our exams. Our grades were low because I'm the one who was spoiled my 3rd semester, and if we failed we were sure to be kept back a semester.

our thoughtful lecturer told us to review our lessons carefully. as she left, her last word were "you can do it." we sat the exams but decided we'd both commit suicide if we got bad marks.

on the day of result comes out. semester have passed with flying colours and both my friend and I continued to be successful.

all because of the magic words "you can do it"

"Yes, I Can!!!"

May 28, 2009

i'm not fall in love. or am i ?

it's been weird.

what a life. i don't know what it is.

let it go. i can't?

just let it go. i can't!

H-A-H~ who is she?


28 May 09

0200am - tell me that you're a fan of malaysian football. hahaha funny! they'll tell you something like, " hey, be a man. we are man u fans la!"

0215am - ask your friend where they want to go. they'll say, "aiyo, you're like stupid person meyh, of course we wanna go to mamaks. watching man u vs barca!"

then, do you think about it? when man u vs malaysia. tell me how many percent of malaysian people buy the ticket to support our team? let me guess! bla bla bla. i don't ever know. hahaha.

seriously, when i'm at mamaks to watching the champion league finale. i can tell you something. they are mostly like the supporters in the stadium. aiyo!

and the very great moment when eto'o and messi make a cool shot. walaweh!

the important thing. to hafizah amer hamzah, if you read this post, i just want to say thank you. i won the bet. it's just a bet la.

hurm. congrats barca. nevermind man u, try again. imposible is nothing.

glory glory manchester united. eh?
glory glory barcelona!



May 27, 2009


semalam penghantaran seorang pondan champion ke UTP dijajah dengan fikiran-fikiran keramat macha haram.

bergerak 4 orang. berjalan membeli-belah.

akhirnya tersungkur di medan bakti bilik blok v2 UTP.

melayan kerenah trainspoting.

kemudian 3 orang jejaka yang agung kacaknya pulang ke tempat asal.

tinggal seorang syaitan yang baru terlepas dari ikatan exam.