Jun 14, 2009

Just random knowledge

What do you think went wrong with Putrajaya since its opening?

I think it is one of the worst planned cities or towns. What is wrong is that somebody made a lot of money out of big projects and together with others who also wanted to make money, they didn’t care whether people will shift there or not.

If you talk about traffic friendly, Putrajaya is very very unfriendly. You have a palace of justice where there is no justice, You have the biggest palace in the world, but where is the justice and how much money was used to fund those big projects. Finally you are not concerned about the facilities for the people. Let’s take for instance, the court itself, the high court and federal court in Putrajaya. The courts are attractive, inside and not outside. How many seats for ordinary people to be there? It is not enough.

I was looking at the number of cars and parking lots in the new court - only 300 for the public and the number is also the same for court staffs. They create buildings, they don’t create the space for the public to park, and if you park at the wrong place, you will be summoned. So what is the idea - the whole place is not only traffic unfriendly, it also has an unfriendly legal system.

Dr Syed Husin Ali

*I never read it before and when I knew about this, I feel like he's a great thinker. He is not only afraid of what will people think about him. He did always for the malays. I'm very respect with him that os why I'm looking for his life journey till now. you out there, if do have any info about him, just share with me. the Malays will not realize about what will happen for years coming if there are still in old way of life.think, think and keep thinking!

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