Jun 19, 2009

Good Old Days

STAR was a long chapter in my life yet formed a solid foundation for the future ME!

I learnt to live together with new friends, be fascinated with different dialects, handle problems by myself, study independently even though my parents were not hovering around me and be reasonably active in many school and extra-curriculum activities.

So like the other members in school then, I was happily forced to sing and perform at school events, (with the patient overseeing by Arham Fawwaz) act as like Saiful Apek on Teacher's Day and cheer the rugby team at home and away games, including that to MCKK. Together with my closest pal Bashar, we sneaked out bought cigarette and got to "songkok" (which I swear too none of the teachers know till today). with Ariff known as Pa'jin, we got to represents our school in basketball and debate. And now, he was flew to Cardiff University. I will follow you brother :p Again, with him and the others sitting pretty on the wall of the Academic Block and happily dangly our legs (as if we were soliciting!!!). We travelled a lot SBP to SBP in Hari Kecemerlangan Seklah Berasrama Penuh (HKSBP) once known as PPM (Piala Pendana Menteri).

Yes, going to STAR exposed me to a world of difference then. In one STARIAN function some years back, YAB Adnan Ibrahi who was Head of Education in Perak then, commented on stage about the famous story of "Kongsi Gelap" (High Council)! No lah Bruto, it is not "kongsi gelap". hahaha!

STAR – I look back fondly at you. Thank you for the many memories. Thank you for the lovely friends who continue to be dear to me all these years.


  1. thanks for the memories.
    it will never die :)

  2. huu :D
    with my pleasure...
    huu :p

  3. heyya, missing SCIPP too...=(...nice entry btw..shafiq2, do meet me at KLIA yeah..hehe!

  4. huu :p
    InsyaAllah angah!
    do miss scipp much right? huu :p