Jun 18, 2009

Down memory lane! - my two thousand six~

Whenever I had a look at this photograph, it reminded me of the last day of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) in 06'. As the Fifth Formers then, Me together with few batchmate step out from the examination hall with a big smile on our face. We walking down the field to get back ourself home (houses). After a while, everyone were shouted "SPM was over!". I still remembered what my friends and I doing after we have lunch at dinning hall. There are no rules after SPM was over. Time for Lados! what is it? it's too meaningful, Lights After Dinner Of Supper - cigrette. I'm a good friend to Bashar who is our school rugby captain, we bought Lados with our shared money which enough for a week. I still remembered the ceiling, where the heaven of smokers.

Towards the later years of our ‘adventure’ in school, we definitely had acclimatised and felt very comfortable studying in a fully boarding school. We had learnt the tricks and antics, knew the dos and the donts as well as the hows to survive. When you were younger and at the lower grades, you quickly finished your meal and left quickly for classes or preps or whatever activities you were planning to do. But not when you have created a kingdom out of the dining hall. Yes sir, the routine changed when you were seniors and the dining hall was at your mercy. You could see then few guys who went round and ‘collect food’ (left overs). Of course, the favourite time and the favourites meals had got to be breakfast when nasi lemak or nasi goreng was served. The ‘kari keramat’ and ‘sayur rumput’ served then could even challenged the dish prepared by Chef Auw!

Those wore the days. And now, few of us were over the seas and the others just at our homeland. 3 years, we were never forget what the school have done to us. for years later we will be anyone that succeed our journey in life. I will always remembered where do I begin!

Welcome Home Boys!
Star OBW 2009 - 26 to 28 june 2009.


  1. menggamit kenangan..
    mari beramai ramai turun obw this year..
    home sweet home :)

  2. huuu :D
    glimpses on STARIANS!