Jun 20, 2009

Easy way, hard to drive

It's just around 8.00 pm. As usual, nasi lemak along at city mewah food court is the place where my friends and I hang out and discuss whatever topic come out. cooperation between UMNO-Pas, topic was started by Ismail when he asked one of us to explain. He doesn't get any point about it even he do have the knowledge. Asyraf was explained to him until he got the point what were they (UMNO-Pas) trying to do.

But there were not the big topic we talked about. About half an hour after, an old man wearing "kopiah" and "baju melayu" came to us. All of us were in silent mode for a while. He showed a book. If I'm not mistaken, "projek pembinaan sekolah pondok". I'm asked him where is the place with the project. Kuala Nerang, Kedah. What is he doing here? Now he was in Teluk Intan which in Perak! A lots of question were in my mind but I just ignore it. Then Asyraf started for his trap question. "Pak cik, why don't you ask the money from the government, there will support this project if you ask them". He was silent. Again asyraf talked him that if procedur to it has been followed, there was no problems to get the money for the project. I told him why should he did those things. It was hard for him, travelled point by point, get a pity smile on face, it is not easy for 50 years old man! I can conclude that maybe he also sent by an agent! Prof. emeritus blog was remind me that "yang datang dari lingkungan yang sederhana, dan memberi dengan tidak pernah meminta apa-apa". Thank you prof. After a few question were asked, we collect what do we got from our pocket. I gave the money with a smile on my faces and said " Pak Cik, semoga projek ini berjaya dan mencapai apa yang dihasratkan".

I steped back home with lots of question were in my mind. We have many of wakil rakyat, also there pusat zakat, and many more places to get help. But where the money go and why the leader does not corcern about all of this matters? I'm not fully said it was fouled from just one side. I was also heard from one of us (my friends), what were zakat receiver done for the money from baitulmal. when he told me about this, I got shocked. They were used the money to bought 3G handphone, hifi, television, and other gadjet. What were more interesting about, these issues are in the scale of popular problem. What do they have think about? aiyo! What I was thinking now, there were one of the malays problems that we (malay students or teenagers) right now have to change and solve it. Now is the time for it, not tomorow, next week or next 10 years!

But whatever it is, try to to find where the old spirit gone and why it's gone. I'm also not a perfect person to solve all of this but when one become to ten and ten become to hundred, it will be stronger than anything. I think you know what I mean.


  1. bravo Shafiq..*i prefered called u Shafiq then Atoyz..*=)...

  2. thanks for the support. what I'm looking for is do they (the malays) realize about it? what will happen when they were stick on one thing. do you think all rempiters out there will going to be a lawyer when they succeed in a race? act they were succeed to find their "batu nisan" if they are not try to improve themselves.

  3. yerp, that's the BIGGEST prob right now...=(..plus, the future in our hands rite now..go shafiq!!!

  4. suggest you some books to read when you step back malaysia.

    1. malay dilemma - tun mahathir
    2. the malays - syed husin ali
    3. aku pun melayu - zaid ibrahim

    this books gonna tell you what happen to the malays right now.