Jul 4, 2009

Why Is It So Easy To Say We're One?

Do you agree with me, those of your friends that you know at your college is absolutely same with your friends you had known mostly for five years and stay under one roof together?

For sure your answer is not, right?

This entry is tribute to one of our friends who had bounded himself from us. Issazamil.

I’m very sure that a few of us had been met him everywhere. Are you ignore him? For sure you’re not. I absolutely know that you not ignore him. Do you care about him?

Last few days, I was have a conversation with Cycl, Arham and Apit. We’d been discussed about our website which haven’t got festivity from you. Why is it so easy to say we’re one? It is just only a speech among us. I know we’d our own problems, business, target, carrier and so on. I still remember what our PK Hem had said during the grand dinner last 3 years. “ Believe me, after this grand dinner is finish, your can’t gather all of your friends when you want to have a gathering or event which relate to your batch. So, grab this chance and make it so meaningful to you “. It was true. We couldn’t gather both of us right? When it will become more worst, lets grab each other, help each other and trust each other before we lose.

Issazamil is not just a friend but he is one of our brothers. We must don’t let him away from us. Give him full of support and full of believe that he could make a good way for his future. Cycl had said to me, “ I want our batch success together “. Do you with him? I’m in!

Looking back, some moments were really glorious. The lesson I learnt? For now, help each other and have faith.

Strive hard 46!

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