Jul 22, 2009

Single Conversation.

what a lovely day!
I'm never been like this before.

radio : off.
tv : didn't watch.
handphone : no sound.
internet : just once.
movie : aiyok! no!
reading : not in mood. :)

and suddenly! nothing... :(

what's going on?

I'm never been like this before, but I'm still happy...
I should worried why it happen to me right?

do please... think it for me?

I have no time.
mom said, "you should packing your stuff now..."

what stuff?

oh sorry! she's pulling my ears! :p

packing! peace out yaw :)


  1. m.cik, potong terus telinga dia nieh..sng cite..am i rite?

  2. hahaha :D
    aku anak yg baik! lalala :p

  3. haha
    cnt imagine her pulling ur ears

  4. hahaha :D

    imagine that your bf pulling your ears!
    ulala :p

    degil kan gf dia! adoi!