Jul 2, 2009

An Essay About A "Friend"

All are but parts of stupendous whole
Whose body nature is, and Allah the soul
That, with human the world is filled
Making it straight, but sometimes very tilted
With very good, there's something bad
Just like my life, a "friend" that I had

Just I love, I don't think I could...


  1. Dear Shafiq,

    I have been following a few entries on your blog. Frankly, it is not easy to talk about ideas if one does not have much experience, or information if one does not read widely and fast. But, we can talk about ordinary things for a start. Nothing wrong with that.

    But there has been a few inprovements. Be a disciplined writer. Use good language. Write full grammatically correct sentences. No short forms or combination of letters that only you share with friends. Using incomplete sentences and words give the impressions that you do not know the correct ones.

    Use one language at a time. Do not mix your English and Malay. It simply means that you a master of neither.

    Nothing wrong with such a style if you wish to continue doing so, it only means that you are not giving yourself a good working tool. You may even end up being perceived as frivolous.

    Serious contents come with extensive reading. You amy wish to start reading now.

    Continue blogging.

    Incidentally, Dying to Tell is a book written by Robert Goddard.


    Prof. Abdullah

  2. thanks prof. it's true, dying to tell is a book written by him and I had bought the book 2 years ago. That's why I'm chose the tittle for my blog tittle.

  3. Dear Shafiq,

    Well done. Keep reading, and telling. In a good language.

    Our language is our image.

    Prof. Abdullah

  4. will do prof. I'm trying. Thanks for your support. I need it.