Jul 3, 2009

Designated Desire

I will be rank with them…

Firstly, I must admit that my five years at STAR were a memorable and happy time. It was an honour And I found it fulfilling to be able to serve my Alma Mater.

During my revisit STAR on the Old Boys Weekend last week, many group of people that I can describe. Like the young Staroba, I can describe them as college student, old Staroba, not too old but about not more than 15 years after leaving the school, they all have their own carrier, and the old-timer, these people were I want to talk about. The professional. I have been paralyzed with astonishment when I saw a Ferrari, Mercedes Benz CLK, Beetles which is the car that I have been dreamed. How can they can have those cars? Of course with the money. But what was I thinking is how they can be like this. Have good cars, professional carrier, succeed their life and so on. These thing had been in my mind every time I step back to STAR for OBW.

Since childhood, I had been dreaming all about those thing. Some times, The eccentric feels is on me, why they always remember to their school. I had the answer when I was one of them, a Staroba which mean I’m an Old boy. These prestige’s school have made a 1001 memories for the Old boys. We had spent our life for years here. That is why they are coming back when OBW.

When my batch team have lost to our senior team which from 43rd batch (fivers 2003), my friends and I having a tour to the school. We went to Balai Hinggap where the place I have met the professionals. Sokhini Hamid, STARIAN 1977, promoting his name in the STAR through the years book. I bought the book with a few signatures. One of them is him, Sokhini Hamid, the sportsman during his year, 1977. Now he is the Senior Manager of KEV. In page 94, Haji Yussof Ahmad, he is one of the 1st batch in STAR, now he is a National Judge if I’m not mistaken. He also put down his signature in my book I bought. His son is also a STARIAN, Atan Mustaffa, fivers 1986, a lawyer. Prof. Emeritus Abdullah Hassan, batch members of Haji Yussof Ahmad, the one who had been advice me to continue on my writing and blogging. They all are the person who carries us in this matters.

Now, it is my turn. One day, I will be rank with them. Have a good job, good cars, good family and a professional too. I invite to all my friends, would you join me? Not for our selves but it is for our parent, teachers, religion, nation, kingdom and of course to our school. It is not wrong to dream about what we are in the future, but make sure the dream is our target to have all of those we want to have.
Believe me, one day I will be rank same with them. InsyaAllah.

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