Jul 1, 2009

I Remember Everything On My Way Back from STAR Ipoh

The mystery beginnings of my years in STAR can be traced to the day in 2002 when I got the letter from the Ministry of Education told me that I had accepted by one of the prestige’s school in Malaysia, STAR. Since I did quite well in my finale year, now I was in IPT , majoring in mechanical engineering.
It was my story for years ago. I returned to STAR recently for the third time, but this year, a flood of memories swept over me as we (with batch members) took a tour of the grounds during the Old Boys Weekend 2009 on 26 to 28 of June. It was started at Taman Cempaka where I found out my friends (Suhaib, Joner, Bashar, Shashuk, Pdd, Cycl and Pudin) were the first group arrived the ground earlier. Then we off to White House where the old boys have to stay. Those day, I looked at the basketball court and the memories calls up where the beginning of me to be a basketballer. I went to the court and played with the present Starians. The other have their own plan, playing rugby tap with the other old boys.

There were more of our batch members arrived the compound, Syamim, Peqnoul, Mama. At night, two cars of members from Kuala Lumpur. Heaven! Best gila ramai yang datang! There were Naqib, Zoul, Nasu, Myo, Ammar and Pundut. Zahhar and Poey were the rempiters on the weekend. As I recall the nickname given to Afiq Roslan, Stigue. What a name? Nor to forget Nuar and Suhel, those members came late for the dinner at Char Kuew Tiaw dataran Ipoh. Sorry guys if I have forgotten who else. Mimi came with Cycl, from Setiawan after done the Unikl’s sports carnival. Those night we’d play futsal that finished at 2 am. It was amazingly happening. The tiredness continued when waiting so long for our order at Nasi Vangey. Then we off to STAR and what I was thinking is coming true. They’re not to sleep yet. Talking, talking and still talking.

The next day, I’m the earlier person took a shower, wah! The water came out is not like water it’s cold like ice. It’s very, very cold! Then we joined the Old Boys five a side football tournament. We’d lost at our senior batch 2003 by 1-0 at semi-final. After that, we’d registered our selves. Officially registered with just only Ringgit Malaysia 20.00 because we’re IPT student. Thanks to the organizer! We’d tried to hunt the teachers but hambar…tak ada cikgu pun!

After the match, we took a tour to Balai Hinggap, have a look what the eigtynine batch brought for Staroba merchandise. I bought STAR (through the years) book with RM10. Offer lah! Before this it was RM50. Mahal oh!. Lunch hour, we’d move our selves to dinning hall but it’s not open yet. So we decide to have our lunch again at Nasi Vangey. Pedas gila! The evening made a history, The STAR ( cobratasha ) kicked the Mc Kerk-kerk ( MCKK) away in the under-15 rugby match Piala Eightynine with 9-5. Then together we'd our rouse-up song! rouse-up young starians all!

At night, we’d off to grand dinner where we laugh, have more talking, enjoying, snapped pictures, karaoke. Rasydan was sing a song tittle Sonata Musim Salju that dedicated to Cikgu Julie, our physics teacher. Then we’d sing Merisik Khabar together as a batch. Sayup gila oh rakan-rakan! Because tomorrow, we’d to step off the ground. Then, we’d waiting so long to have a time with Cikgu Julie. As I remembered, She said that I’m the one she didn’t expected to be an engineer because it’s hard to teach me on Physics. Hahaha! it’s my destiny cikgu. Thanks to you. We’d finished our conversation with Cikgu Julie almost at 1 am.

ZZZZzzZZZzzZZzzzzz… Very tired!

The next day, last day of Old Boys Weekend! The last agenda is the rugby match between the Staroba and The Present Boys. With their new CANTER jersey sporsonred by batch eigtynine, the present boys won the game. After the game, we went to dinning hall,have our lunch with the other Old Boys, The baton to handle the Old Boys Weekend next year passed to the batch 1990 which is batch of Rashidi Ishak if I'm not mistaken. Then we'd back to our business. Packing, prepared to get back home. I drove myself back home with a thousands of memories on that weekend. I shall always remember this OBW because Mama and Naqib will not able to come for years coming. They pursue their study overseas. Semoga selamat Mama di US nanti, and Naqib di India. So what ever it is, just as Starians of yore have striven and successfully climbed the ladder of life and made a mark for our selves in diverse spheres of human activity in the country or abroad, should Starians of today dedicate themselves to the task at hand in STAR. Do not let yourselves, our parents, our teachers, and our school down. Reach for the STARS!


  1. 1am?! Sian giler... Batch maner ntah conquer Julie awl2 tuh? Hehe~

  2. batch korang lah. adoi! penat gila oh kita org tggu.
    tak apa laa!
    senior dulu kan...!
    hahaha :D

  3. Shafiq,

    I have put your article on STAROBA web site including the pics...... hope you don't mind

    STAROBA web master

  4. oh really? I'm glad to know about this. thanx STAROBA. :)

  5. Assalamualaikum Bro,

    Kamu ingat rashidi ishak saja noo... Takpa start today kamu ingat Ilon8690, kamu dari batch 2007 ke? Anyway, saya nak lantik hang jadi wakil batch kamu for next year OBW or ada suggestion anyone yg boleh jadi wakil batch kamu. Boleh bagi no contact?

    Anyway, kalau ada apa2 idea from your side, please bagitau ok, so that we all can enjoy
    lagi during OBW ramai2...

    Thanks in advance

    President of Batch 90

  6. Thanks bro for the perlantikan.Aku berbesar hati menerimanya. Aku batch 2006. I know you. Ilon from 8690. I'd been there, Dinning Hall when the baton passed to you. Don't worry. Lots of idea but I'll push it out slowly. Utk Staroba juga kan. Thanks for the support.

    This is my contact details :

    0177736252 / 0132969547
    mr.atoyz@yahoo.com - ym