Mar 5, 2009

STAR - " As I Once There With You"

I always believe that you are what you are today because of your yesterdays.

STAR was just a long chapter in my life yet formed a solid foundation for the future ME.

I learnt to live together with new friends, be fascinated with different dialects, handle problems by myself, study independently even though my parents were not hovering around me and be reasonably active in many school and extra-curriculum activities.

So like the other 120 boys in school then, I was happily forced to sing and dance at school functions, cheer the rugby team at home and away games, including that to MCKK. Together with my basketball teammate training in the harcore situation. Again with lados's member (which mean the smokers), we got to climb the wall and having fun with the cigarets on the ceiling in the middle of night.(like a house burning in the dark)

Yes, going to STAR exposed me to a world of difference then. In one STARIAN function some years back, enjoy with the friend. Holding a cup of syrup, listening one members of my batch feeling with with the piano's sound. ("erti persahabatan"). I'm touched with that song.

STAR – I look back fondly at you. Thank you for the many memories. Thank you for the lovely friends who continue to be dear to me all these years.

STAR - like what was the other oldboys miss you. I'd been the one that miss you too and what was we have in a single second from our heart is "Once a STARian, Always a STARian"

Faiz Nur Shafiq Muhammad Shafiai
Ba.Hons Mechanical Engineering
Universiti Industri Selangor

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  1. going to asrama was one of the best chapters in my life too. Apart from the wardens of course. haha. oh, and being grounded too. That was not fun at all