Mar 7, 2009



Currently students from form 1 to form 5 attend STAR. Previously there were classes up to form 6, but later the ministry of education only allowed up to form 5 for the boarding school. Originally, students were accommodated in hostels based on their "houses". These houses are designated with colours. There are 6 house colours, which are Rumah Hijau (Green House), Rumah Biru (Blue House), Rumah Hitam (Black House), Rumah Merah (Red House), Rumah Putih (White House), Rumah Kuning (Yellow House) to identify their affiliations for competitive purposes (sports, competitions).

Currently students are grouped together in dormitories according to houses but not in the original blocks. The old Green House block was converted into a library and the old Yellow House Block into a store.

Recently,the houses are called by nicknames : Green Goblin,Blue Barbarians, Black Horsemen, Red Rouser, White Vigour and Yellow Dragon though these nicknames are quite fluid and evolve from time to time.

My true story.

The House Spirit remembered me to 6 years ago when I was in form 1. I steped in STAR on 2002. It was very memorable to me when I got a slaped from the fiver named Fido. "Zaman Jahilliah". That was what everybody called.

A night. Freshman. I don't know yet what they were called "House Spirit". I just only know we must love our house, respect the members of the house, respect the seniors. Iwas in the yellow house shirt. When my first step just arrived there, a senior pull me up.

"weyh budak! ko house ape huh?"

So, I told him back.

"saye house green bang"


Wah. It's so shock.
What i've done?
What the fish... Hahaha. After that incident. I just only wore green hose shirt. Till these day and the day after that, I just only love green. Because of what? Because if we met the super seniors, although in official ceremony, interview, or getting for a job. They will ask "kau budak house ape dulu?". They will not forget about it because they were there and there we begin.

faiz nur shafiq muhammad shafiai
green house
sekolah tuanku abdul rahman (02 - 06)

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