Apr 13, 2009


i have identified ideal my ideal tme slot for eating and exercising. here it is :-

7-8am eat breakfast
hehehe. i know you guys didn't get up early in the morning. right? it's best to eat after some light early. then do some stretching. join me. i jog around my place at least half an hour.

10am have a snack
i tell u guys. i've read in a book stated that the body uses 20% of the brain's available glucose by around this time. so, eat some low-at carbohydrate snack. i mean like banana, sports energy bar & etc. our body is needed to top up levels.

1pm having lunch
i bet you guys feel like you are nearly in heaven at this time. sleepy, tired and low energy. yeah! it's true. the energy levels are naturally running low at this time. leave lunch any later and you are more likely to consume more kilojoules.

2-3pm snack again
glucose levels plumment in a post-lunch dip. so, if you want handle up this, have some cashew nuts, plain popcorn or fresh fruits to bring you back on the right track.

4-6pm workout=basketball or etc
let have some ball. like me, i love to play basketball. if you didn't love basketball like me, do other fitness.

7-11pm evening meal & bedtime snack
after this time, i tend to need more food to feel full. eating now also allows time for food to be fully digested before crash your bed.hahaha.
at night, choose a somesnack which contain amino acid tryptophan because it's a precursor to a good night's sleep and dream about your bla bla bla...zzzZZZZzZzzzz...
hahaha~lets try...


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