Apr 1, 2009



they bring their pride.

they have their intensity.

they made their teamwork.

their burn up their energy.

their have one passion.

they hustle their game.

whatever it is. they will show how they can flow on theirselves.

soon is your game, not my game little bro.

show what you get.

i'm just only your coach and only teach you how to make a game named basketball.

peace out~



  1. anda ditagged!!
    xpost blk,siap ko!

  2. train ur gurls team btul2 jgk taw..
    bcs if u train gurl better, they ve a bright future to at least get in to semi final or final.
    sbb now a days,bnyk skola yg xtrain gurl dirg btol2 sgt..so at least bring them to semi final or maybe final trus kan..basic drill really important..
    all da best atoyz.. :D

  3. tq cik ikkey permata hati keranjang 12.hahaha.