May 29, 2009

Never say no!

as a college student, I found the stories of people featured in "Yes, I Can" very inspirational.

life is definitely full of challenges that can make or break you. that's why we should all have "never give up" attitudes. I hope to read more stories like this one to motivates us youth to be fighters and not losers.


in 2008, my lecturer saw me sitting together in library with my friend worrying about passing our exams. Our grades were low because I'm the one who was spoiled my 3rd semester, and if we failed we were sure to be kept back a semester.

our thoughtful lecturer told us to review our lessons carefully. as she left, her last word were "you can do it." we sat the exams but decided we'd both commit suicide if we got bad marks.

on the day of result comes out. semester have passed with flying colours and both my friend and I continued to be successful.

all because of the magic words "you can do it"

"Yes, I Can!!!"


  1. yeah lanna.i can do it!thanxs.ahaks.

  2. i js come back from seremban...
    damn tired!!!
    wedding day is d biggest crisis i ever had

  3. hurm...
    who's wedding day...

  4. my neighbour...
    tp ank2 tuan ruma n ank2 sdare sume malas2...

    last2 i je wt keje ngn ank die yg sorg...
    tanak la kawen lau letey cmtu

  5. hey hey.
    you'll have it too nnt...