May 28, 2009

28 May 09

0200am - tell me that you're a fan of malaysian football. hahaha funny! they'll tell you something like, " hey, be a man. we are man u fans la!"

0215am - ask your friend where they want to go. they'll say, "aiyo, you're like stupid person meyh, of course we wanna go to mamaks. watching man u vs barca!"

then, do you think about it? when man u vs malaysia. tell me how many percent of malaysian people buy the ticket to support our team? let me guess! bla bla bla. i don't ever know. hahaha.

seriously, when i'm at mamaks to watching the champion league finale. i can tell you something. they are mostly like the supporters in the stadium. aiyo!

and the very great moment when eto'o and messi make a cool shot. walaweh!

the important thing. to hafizah amer hamzah, if you read this post, i just want to say thank you. i won the bet. it's just a bet la.

hurm. congrats barca. nevermind man u, try again. imposible is nothing.

glory glory manchester united. eh?
glory glory barcelona!




  1. OMG! you are such a liar. hahaha semalam you takut MU kalah, you were betting for MU ok! you're just picking the winning horse. tade pendirian! :P

  2. no.i just wrote da truth la peja oi. dah semalam you yg bet on mu. i man u fan bet la on barca. i mengalah la. hik hik hik.